Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to Remember (Chow chao) Chinese Words - Many Homomnems

- Original Art, Howard T. Chiam, 2014 -

- Chinese homonyms*, mnemonics**, and anemones*** -

A positive way to learn Chinese words that are easily confused because they sound the same (homonyms):  put together those words that sound the same to make a memorable story (mnemonics).  Paint a picture with their available tones.  Don't be scared of homonyms, let them help you remember multiple root words at the same time. (See the original post of this series for more information or explanations.)


Chow chow chow.
Now say the same thing again.
Chao chao chao.

There.  Chao.

chao-- = to copy/transcribe/plagiarize/super
chao/ = facing/toward/court/dynasty
chao\/ = to stir fry / noisy

I'll let the picture do the rest of the talking:
- Original art, Howard T. Chiam, Nov. 2014 -

Section C:
- Original Art, Howard T. Chiam, 2014 -


***not really

Think you can remember?  Test yourself right now! 

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